Behind The Scene At The Nut House

Welcome! Here at the "Nut House", we are family!  When bNutty started, Joy - Company Founder intended the product to be sold as an annual fundraiser for youth soccer.  The plan was to sell it once a year.  Customers tried it, loved it, and begged to repurchase it right away!  Once a year became twice a year, then once a month and suddenly with a little help from her extended soccer family she began making peanut butter every week. Joy began to sell bNutty at the farmer's markets on the weekends which were staffed by youth soccer players and then partnered with a few local stores.  As the company continued to grow, she brought on a new partner and fellow soccer mom, Carol, to help with the growth. 

After partnering with QVC, mmore stores began to carry the product.  BNutty is  now proudly sold at thousands of stores across the country.  All of our gourmet peanut butters are producted at our brand new facillity, "The Nuthouse"!  It is definitely a nutty place to work; every day is an adventure and we are constantly learning and developing.  As we continue to grow, we keep our focus on the things that are important to us. We still employ our soccer players and their families as well as provide countless fundraising opportunities for non-profit groups. We focus on employee development and education and we spend time each week giving back to our local community.  We want to spread bNutty all over the world as well as other countries!



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