Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life?

We at BNutty are so sure you’ll like our products that we are proud to say we have had few customers able to keep a jar for a month, much less 6 months once they opened and tasted it! We are lab tested at the 6 month mark and will be testing beyond that.

Why does the oil separate on the top?

When we grind the peanuts, there is a natural oil that is created from them. Since our butters are not over processed with preservatives, some separation is normal. DON’T dump the oil into the sink, it is important to mix the peanut butter well so the bottom of the jar isn’t too dry.

What Oils do you use in your recipes?

We do not add ANY oils to our recipes.

Is BNutty really a healthy snack choice?

BNutty peanut butter is a high protein snack. Our varieties pass the standards for healthy snacks.

Do you use preservatives in your peanut butter?

We do not ADD any preservatives to our peanut butter recipes. Although we do recognize that some of our ingredients come with preservatives.

Should I refrigerate BNutty peanut butter?

BNutty Peanut Butter requires no refrigeration. However, there is nothing wrong with placing it in the refrigerator because it warms quickly to room temperature.

Do you use any food coloring in your products?

We do not add an artificial coloring to our recipes although we do recognize one of our flavors does from the ingredients used. We are in the process of finding a healthier replacement.

Why do some batches vary in color from jar to jar?

It depends on if the chocolate warms and melts during the manufacturing or handling process. Either way, it’s scrumptious and safe for consumption!

What if you can't stop eating it?

Email us at info@bnutty.com and let us know your favorite flavor!

I can't find a store near me. Where can I find BNutty?

You can order our products directly from our site, just shop our products to find your favorite flavors. You can also call us at (844) 426-8889 or Email us at info@bnutty.com to get more information.

Otherwise, ask your favorite grocer or boutique to contact us 😉