Fundraising Opportunity

B.Nutty, LLC has a new and exciting program that will keep you from going “nutty” over frustrating fundraisers ever again!

Our fresh, gourmet peanut butter comes in 10 different blended varieties to meet the taste of all PB lovers. A wonderful protein source, and a great snack. B. Nutty satisfies cravings without using carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, fillers, or coloring and all varieties are gluten free! We will sell our 8 ounce jars to your organization at a discounted price and allow you the freedom to choose the price you would like to sell each jar for.

You have the potential to make a 40% profit!

We will customize letters and forms, which will include the name of your organization, and the time frame of the fundraiser. All currency collected will be deposited into your organizations account during the fundraiser. Once the deadline has been reached we will ask you to configure the total number of jars sold for each flavor. From that information we will send you an invoice for the amount plus shipping. We will use the most economical shipping possible for optimal savings. Once payment is received your order will be processed and filled! Expect two to three weeks for delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: All jars will be sent in bulk to a location of your request as soon as the fundraiser has ended. Keep in mind that shipping is more economical when shipped to a business.

Although the name has been debated because it’s not truly smooth like butter, B. Nutty, is awesome for athletes, active people, children, diabetics, pregnant women and peanut butter lovers! We’ve had people who don’t like peanut butter go crazy over this product and love it!

Our first fundraiser created a pathway for soccer players to pay for their uniforms and travel to the 2014 Dallas Cup and Super Clubs Europe tour.